Bulk Order Processing Upgrades

If these are of interest, please call for information, we will not be rolling these out as a matter of course. Pick Pack – Selecting orders to recall You can now pick between all orders for an item once scanned. Partial orders are in the.... More

Customer Rewards 2.0

There’ll be a lot of information coming from the delivery and account management teams in the coming weeks, but here are some screenshot of the new promotional tools. Promotions Manager Setting up a new Rewards Promotion Promotions Usage Customer Notification of a Bonus Email Customer Specific Multiplier Some C# as everyone needs some geek in their lives

Free Upgrade Google Analytics Payment Type and Category

We’ve been playing around with the data we feed Google Analytics and we’re now feeding the CitrusStore primary category into GA and the payment type and “major item” as a custom variable. This allows you to compare payment types and see “bike/ski/saddle” sales by filtering by major item.    

Customise Your Better Search Stock Icons

It is now possible for customers invested in the Citrus-Store Structured Design Maintenance Plan programme to have a tailored set of Stock Icons on Better Search. There’s no additional cost associated with this enhancement, we simply assign an element of the scheduled resource to completing the upgrade. Customising these icons will add an extra level of brand consistency to.... More

Customer Rewards // Management Interface Improvements

For a customer to edit and manage their details you needed to click the nice green button at the top of the Customer Rewards account page. We’ve also added a simpler method of accessing this data to avoid any confusion! 

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